of rural populations in Malawi use groundwater for drinking and small scale agriculture

Who we are & What we do

BASEflow is a Malawian organization, founded in 2017, that is working to improve the sustainability of groundwater sources in rural Malawi. An estimated 11.5 million people access groundwater, through handpumps, for drinking and small-scale agriculture – making it the primary source of safe drinking water for rural populations.

Despite beating the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goal target, a persistent sustainability challenge haunts Malawi. Approximately 1/3 of water points are consistently non-functional diminishing safe water access to approximately 2/3rd of the population, putting people at risk of contracting water-borne diseases, incurring productivity losses, and wasting water supply investments, which is estimated at US$ 54 million for handpumps alone.

So the problem isn’t that Malawi doesn’t have water, the problem is keeping that water flowing!

So how do we plan to deal with this?


Catchment Protection

This is more than just planting trees! BASEflow aims to revitalize the environment by firstly understanding the drivers of deforestation and finding economic incentives that improve household incomes, create employment and sustain the environment.


Capacity Building

BASEflow will not be here forever! We believe a strong government, at all levels, is crucial to providing quality water services. We invest time and resources in building the capacity of government stakeholders to do their jobs better, enforce service delivery standards and hold service providers accountable, where necessary.

Preventative Maintenance

Traditional maintenance models have yielded unimpressive results. Using model technology, BASEflow aims to trial alternative service models that are proactive, rather than reactive, and are informed by principles of demand and supply that are contextually appropriate.

Social Enterprise

Through leveraging business partnerships, BASEflow is delivering a portfolio of water-related products and services which ensure households have access to clean drinking water and provide an alternative income stream for our charitable work.





of hand pumps are broken down at any one time

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