“Our work inspires front page article of Major Daily”

BASEflow featured as #water #entrepreneurship story in online newsletter
March 9, 2021
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May 28, 2021

“Our work inspires front page article of Major Daily”

An article written by Suzgo Chitete of the Nation Newspaper

Here is the link to the news paper article, https://www.mwnation.com/billions-spentno-safe-water/

Below is a snip from that article.

Baseflow team leader Muthi Nhlema said while the expectation is that the borehole has a life-span of 15 years or more, a good number of those they came across during the water mapping exercise ‘died’ barely a year or two after being sunk.

He said: “One of the main reasons that lead to borehole sustainability failure is construction quality. Even if you have the best water committee and a capable district water officer, if the borehole was poorly constructed, it will fail.

“Boreholes are poorly sited because many drillers do not have experts [hydrologists and geo-physicists] to help identify sites. This costs money, but it is for a good purpose.”

Nhlema said that during the mapping they conducted water pumping tests for a number of boreholes which failed the test.

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