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Why a Social Enterprise?

The funding landscape in Malawi, and globally, is highly competitive and laden with donor fatigue. It is getting tougher for start-up non-profits, like ours, to find the money to do the important stuff we want to do. But where there is a challenge, there is an opportunity to innovate. Thats why we have created BASEflow Services (a commercial company registered under the number MBRS1056665 in the Malawi Business Registration Database), which will provide a portfolio of services to Malawi’s water sector, and the general public at large, as part of diversifying our income base. My vision for these services is not to make a profit, which will go in shareholders' pockets, but to fully – 100% - cover BASEflow’s overhead costs. This will reduce the burden of overheads on future proposal budgets for our non-profit work so that every donor penny goes directly to the rural communities who needs it most. Can you imagine 'an overhead-free' proposal budget? We do!

Do you want a borehole that lasts? 62% of Malawi ‘s population depends on groundwater for drinking water and small scale agriculture/irrigation. The primary method for accessing groundwater is through mechanized borehole drilling. However, between 23%-31% of handpump-fitted boreholes are not working at any one time due to poor construction or installation quality. The result of this: boreholes aren’t deep enough, wells dry up when they shouldn’t, water is of the poorest quality or water is
wasted. We want to change that! BASEflow is offering a package of technical services to ensure that boreholes are drilled to the required standards to ensure sustainable water supply and value for money for investors, funders and/or organizations.
Do you want to use technology to manage your data but don’t know where to start? The Call Center is a dynamic team working in the monitoring and evaluation sub-sector to improve the quality of data for better decision-making for organizations and companies using the SOLSTICE monitoring platform. Currently, the Call Centre is providing data quality assurance and technical backstopping services for an ongoing National Evaluation of Water and Sanitation Assets in rural Malawi financially supported by the Scottish Government in partnership with the Government of Malawi. Using the monitoring platform mWater (, the Call Centre has reviewed more than 230,000 surveys, trained and supported more than 350 enumerators from every district in Malawi, including Likoma Island.
Are you looking for quiet and affordable space for a training workshop, classes, meetings or seminars right in the middle of Blantyre City? Then try out BASEflow’s Training Room on the 2nd floor of Galaxy House opposite AXA bus terminal. Able to snugly seat 55 people, this space has a water dispenser, movable white board, fire extinguisher, air conditioner and solar power back-up in case of a likely black-out. With friendly customer service that previous clients have applauded, come and experience the difference that the BASEflow Training Room has to offer.

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