We can only manage what we measure. This is why BASEflow, as part of the Climate Justice Water-Futures Programme funded by the Scottish Government, is strategic partner for an ambitious mapping endeavor that will see every water point mapped across Malawi. By having a comprehensive understanding of how many water assets Malawi has and what is their current condition, the Malawi Government, and stakeholders, will have a firm foundation for planning for and achieving the sustainable development goals. BASEflow plays a pivotal role to this national endeavor through the creation of a call centre. The call centre is a team of staff and interns who provides support services to a network of government enumerators through training, field/technical support and data quality assurance. The call centre has so far trained 200 government extension workers, reviewed more than 120,000 surveys from the field and has received a satisfaction rating of 86% from enumerators for the high quality of support services they are receiving. The Water and Environmental Sanitation Network also featured the call centre in the 2018 CSO Performance Report as an example of an innovation that demonstrated transparency and accountability. Check our social media and updates pages for more information.

OR you can check out some of the water point data results and findings directly on the mWater asset management system below. If you have any questions about the water point data, don’t hesitate to email us on or use the Contact Us section to send us a message.


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